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Interior Design alone isn’t our only passion, it’s the opportunity of creating a space that our clients call home. The art of interior design is achieved when a person walks into their house and it feels like home. Once crossing the threshold of their door, they’re proud to open their space to those in which they share their lives.

Our quality designers at our studio are dedicated to making your home or office ideal for you, your family and your guests.From area rugs, furniture, upholstery, draperies and bedding, to wall-coverings, building and remodeling, kitchen and bath specialists and more, we pride ourselves on quality service.

We believe in long-term value for our clients, so that we can focus on creating classic, livable and stylish spaces using appropriate selection of quality products.

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Using Maria Killam’s Colour Confidence Method, a proven technique, Certified True Colour Experts are an elite group of design professionals who specialize in knowing precisely how to distinguish undertones and work with complex neutrals when developing color schemes.

Trained by Maria Killam, an internationally sought-after color expert, Barbara Stewart Interiors designers are True Color Experts, allow us to give our clients true value in their decorating, renovating, or building projects by helping them make the right color choices in all areas of the home, including the selection of interior paint colors, hard finishes (flooring, tile and countertops) as well as exterior paint colors and roofing.

Design Team

Susan Hoechner

Owner, Interior Designer

Christina House

Design Manager

Tim Minor

Interior Designer