Why Wallpaper?

Do you have nightmarish memories of wallpaper from the 80’s and 90’s? The many years of mauve and country blue wall coverings from floor to ceiling, topped off with a dreaded duck and heart border. Well friends, I’m here to report that the wall coverings of THIS century are considering that SAME mauve and country blue beautiful, stylish and ever so chic once again…sans ducks!😱 Mama always said, “If you keep it long enough it will always come back in style.”

The other GREAT NEWS is that wallpaper has come a long way, baby. From faux wood, and cork to crystal-embellished and velvet damask if you can dream it, it’s out there. With so many choices, how in the world do you ever choose? Well, with the help of your designer, and asking yourself some key questions, your wall covering dreams will become reality with a little planning and time.


What Can Wallpaper Do For ME?

Blue Thibaut Wallpaper

Thibaut Designs

You might have a space in your home lacking architectural interest or with design flaws. Maybe a space seems small and makes you feel claustrophobic, or you want your ceiling to appear higher. The advantages of wallpaper seem countless really. Wall coverings provide a cooler OR warmer feel depending on the color. The vertical patterns in a striped design emphasize height in a room. Imperfections in your walls disappear with patterned wallpaper. Sometimes a room just needs a little boost, and there’s no room for upholstery or window treatment to do the job. Wall covering, in a nut shell, is your BFF!

Thibaut’s, swoon-worthy, wallpaper in this modern, geometric pattern is a perfect example of bringing a space alive with wall covering. Adding wallpaper behind the grasscloth chest gives another layer of dimension providing a true wow factor.

How Do I Choose Style?

Determining style is a must for every project to achieve the desired outcome of your space and ultimately your home. This is where things can get a little tricky. Interior Design has evolved dramatically over the years making a big difference in the RULES of design. What if your home is filled with priceless antiques? Is it WRONG to add contemporary wallpaper? Absolutely NOT! A splash of contemporary with traditional heirlooms may just freshen up, open up and liven up your space in a way that you never imagined.

Your designer’s assistance in determining the mix of modern and classic design is key in this process. They’re with you to transform ordinary into beautiful and welcoming with your own choices and preferences.

Bright Pink and blue Thibaut Wallpaper

Thibaut Designs

Just as contemporary art can add an element of interest to a traditional space, wallpaper in its irresistible spirit, does just the same. In this space, the dramatic use of color and pattern gives a fresh and modern twist to the chandelier and traditional chairs. Wallpaper, full of personality and joyful design, is a definitive anchor to the tone of this room. Its room-defining appeal creates a perfect blend of classic and modern for a showstopper appeal for years to come.

How Will I Use The Space ?

Obvious? Yes. Still, however, one of the most important questions when considering wall covering. Let’s say, for instance, that you’re thinking of using wallpaper in your dining room. That’s definitely going to go in a much different direction than a design for your 10-year-old’s bathroom. Of course that’s a no-brainer, but space planning goes way beyond that with wallpaper.

Some aspects to think about when choosing wallpaper

There are elements like humidity levels, cooking residue or frequency of entertaining large groups that play a huge role in wallpaper selection.

Grasscloth in a windowless bathroom that holds high levels of moisture, not a good choice…unless you want to nail that baby to the wall!  Highly textured wallpaper as a backsplash in a kitchen is also a recipe for disaster. In a high-traffic area, a light colored silk would love to show off dirty little fingers that “appreciate its soft beauty” every time the person to which those fingers belong walk down the hallway. You with me on that one? Although style is important, practical choices take precedent in our homes every time. Save the silk wallpaper for when the kids move off to college! 🥳 So, alas we must know that wallpaper practicality is at the forefront of our decision making EVERY TIME in order to not make a costly mistake.

What Else is in the Room?

And finally, what else matters in the space? If you are starting from scratch, then HOORAY…easy, peasy! The sky is the limit. Most of us, however, are trying to work around that dang sofa that we bought five years ago. Or your one-true-love, the window treatments! You know the ones with the BRIGHT, BOLD pattern? Now you need to make sure you have balance with those handsome fellas.

green geometric wallpaper

Thibaut Designs

One of the biggest mistakes people make when mixing patterns is not considering scale.YIKES! While pattern mixing is an effective way to achieve spacial personality, it can also go oh-so-wrong if you don’t plan your approach first. Consider this lovely, mixed pattern room. The large-scale floral print in the draperies becomes the statement piece, while the geometric print on the walls balance the boldness with it’s smaller, simpler pattern. With uncomplicated upholstery and pillows of coordinating scale, color and style the room becomes balanced although many players are on the stage.


Wallpaper makes a powerful design statement in pattern, color and imagery. It evokes memories of our youth as we embrace it more than ever in our every day design. With coverings so fabulously creating works of art on our walls, it’s impossible not to adore its beauty.
Take a leap of faith, and go with what you love. You’ll be surprised what wall coverings will do for your design.