How to Find the Color of Beautiful

That’s it! You’re sick and tired of looking at the same color on your walls year after year! You’re going to do something about it if it KILLS YOU! You head over to the local paint store, and fumble through the microscopic squares of computer generated swatches. Ohhhh yeah…THIS one. NOPE!

color swatches


WAIT…this one is better. Mmmm…or maybe this one? Ooohhh, but I like this one too.  Let’s take them ALL home, tape them to the existing wall color for the week, and THEN I’ll decide! Yes! That’s what I’ll do. What a great plan. Right?

Unfortunately, the correct answer here is a hard WRONG! Choosing the best color, believe it or not, is actually more of a science than an art.  With so many factors in play like, natural light, existing fabrics, furnishings and other paints in view, finding the right one can be quite challenging.

Whether you need a few ideas or an entire house palette, hiring one of the Color Specialists at the Corner Studio can save both time and MONEY! From creating a custom color scheme to offering a pre-coordinated neutral palette, our Color Specialists work with you to design your best-choice-palette.

woman painting a wall orange


What a relief! No more pouring over hundreds of colors; spending hours in the paint stores looking at paint decks and swatches. Now you save the money you would have spent on sample paints, and avoid the scariest MOST COSTLY mistake of choosing AND painting a color that you hate once it’s actually on the walls! 🤦‍♀️

And finally, when it’s time to pull the ole proverbial plug, your Color Specialist is beside you, giving the thumbs up! This is a scary decision, friends. It’s nice to have a professional in your corner. An objective third party, a mediator to not take sides, but to find a creative way to incorporate the best of your favorites. It’s time to orchestrate your project to its finale, and there’s no greater feeling than knowing that you have the BEST working for you!

For more information, or to schedule a color consultation with one of the Corner Studio’s Color Specialists, call 270-782-1747.