Barbara Stewart Interiors has become the go-to spot for providing wedding registry services to future newlyweds. From tabletop items and serving pieces to decorative accessories and daily necessities, we offer quality products essential for starting a new life together. 

Step 1: Schedule an appointment

Creating a wedding registry isn’t something to take lightly. A quality registry is strategically planned, and to achieve the highest quality, you’ll need to start with scheduling an appointment with a Barbara Stewart Interiors wedding consultant. Allow one to two hours for the initial meeting where you’ll receive details on products.  Call 270-782-1747 or email Susan Hoechner at [email protected]

Step 2: Bring a significant other along

You don’t have to do this alone. Bring a significant other along who can provide support and insight. It’s helpful to have someone with whom you can share your ideas, and to help discern the best items for your registry.

Step 3: Come prepared

During your appointment you’ll provide us with any website information, shower dates, wedding date, and deadlines so that we can tailor the experience to your schedule. With so many things happening in the year of the wedding, we want to ensure things are seamless with your wedding registry.  

Step 4: Think about the future

Remember that you won’t always be living in a one-bedroom apartment or your first starter home. Think ahead and consider what you’ll need when you have a larger home, a family and how you’d like to entertain guests. Will you need six place settings or 12? How many silver serving pieces will you need when you host Christmas?  

Step 5: How will you entertain?

Take into consideration how you plan to entertain in the future. If you want a house filled with family and friends, then you’ll need the materials necessary to entertain plenty of guests. The best entertainer needs plates, silverware, linens, glassware, pitchers, serving utensils, and on and on. While you may not have the room for such lavish parties now, one day you will. 

Once all of the selections are made, we’ll create your online registry. This registry gives access to anyone, anywhere the ability to purchase a gift for you.  We’ll also add your Barbara Stewart Interiors online shopping list to any of your wedding websites to make shopping an even easier convenience. Your registered items displayed in our shop also provide a means for those family and friends to view who prefer shopping in-store.

For wedding registry services, contact Susan Hoechner at 270-782-1747 or [email protected] 

For wedding invitations, contact Paige Coffee at 270-782-1747 or