For over thirty years Barbara Stewart Interiors has served as Bowling Green, Kentucky’s premiere gift store. From candles and gourmet food to sentimental keepsakes, the company has provided customers with a custom shopping experience that’s both enjoyable and convenient. As the holiday’s fast approach, the designers at Barbara Stewart Interiors have created a list of the Top 10 Holiday Gifts for 2019 to make the shopping experience even easier.

1. Nest Holiday Candle

The Nest Holiday Candle is a favorite among Barbara Stewart Interiors patrons. For the last four years we’ve carried this fragrant scent with decorative packaging. It’s become a go-to gift every holiday season.  

2. Christopher Radko Ornaments

As a special dealer of collector’s edition Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments, Barbara Stewart Interiors supplies current-year designs every holiday season. A common holiday tradition among our customers is to purchase new ornaments yearly to add to their existing collections. 

3. Karen Adams Calendars

 The gift that keeps on giving. These designer calendars and calendar stands are great gifts that can be purchased each year, saving customers time when deciding what to get their family and friends. A new calendar refill each year does the trick!

4. Jack Daniel’s Honey Whisky Pecans

A great gift for dad, the hubby or any man in your family, these Jack Daniel’s Honey Whisky flavored pecans are a decadent snack that encompasses the holiday season. They’re also great to serve as snacks during Christmas parties or prior to Christmas dinner.


5. Bowling Green, Kentucky Hand Towel

Share Bowling Green pride with this holiday hand towel. Give the Bowling Green, KY hand towel as a hostess gift, stocking stuffer, or even at a secret Santa exchange party. 

6. Christmas Baby Bath Toys

Make bath time enjoyable with holiday bath toys for babies. These tiny toys fit nicely as stocking stuffers (not to mention they can be used as pool toys in the summer!)


7. Juliska Country Estate Tabletop

Start your holiday dish collection (or add to an existing one) with Juliska’s Country Estate patterned dishes. Every year add more to grow your collection and use them as holiday decorations in dining rooms and kitchens.

8. Jewelry

Barbara Stewart Interior’s collection of jewelry is expansive, making it easy to find a gift for any woman in your life (wife, mother, sister, daughter). Browse our collection at the shop and ask our sales associate for assistance in combining styles.

9. Multi-Tool 

The gift for the man who has everything! The multi-tool is the size of a credit card and provides 12 tool functions. A great stocker stuffer and gift for when a quick fix is needed.


10. Initial Cutting Boards 

Both decorative and useful, these initial cutting boards are great holiday gifts for newlyweds, people who are celebrating their first Christmas in a new home, or for people who are difficult to shop for.


By Nolan Miles | Design Manager, The Corner Studio by Barbara Stewart Interiors

Nolan has worn many hats since becoming a member of the Barbara Stewart Interiors team in 2011. From sales associate, to social media marketing and design manager, Nolan has been exposed to every part of the Barbara Stewart Interiors business. As the Corner Studio design manager, Nolan oversees orders on interior design items, including rugs, furniture, wallcoverings, draperies and bedding. He operates the company’s design resource center and aids clients in finding the perfect design elements for their residential or commercial spaces. Previously, Nolan served as a graphic designer for Harlaxton College in London, England and a staff strategist for a premiere communication’s firm in Louisville, KY. Email Nolan at [email protected]