Let’s be honest: There are a million and one ways to decorate your house for the holidays. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, but the designers at Barbara Stewart Interiors have put together some quick and easy tips to decorating your home for the holiday season. From holiday centerpieces to jazzing up mirrors and art with garland, the opportunities are endless. 

1. Garland Above Mirrors and Art

Adding simple garland and berries above mirrors and art pieces creates a wall focal point. Dining rooms, foyers, living rooms and breakfast nooks are perfect for when you need to add some holiday decor without putting up a Christmas tree.

2. Feathers

Yes, you read that right! Feathers. Adding peacock, pheasant, or color-coated feathers to a Christmas tree, wreath or garland creates drama. There’s no rule that says you have to use holiday-only florals and decor. Mix it up by adding some feathered flare.

3. Look Up!

Don’t forget to look up and decorate chandeliers for the holiday season. Doing so creates a flow throughout the room. So no matter where your guests look there’s always something bringing them holiday cheer.

4. Centerpieces

Varying heights of centerpieces is pleasing to the eye. By adding decorative centerpieces to tables, kitchen islands, console tables and coffee tables creates a purposeful and complete holiday look throughout the house. It’s all in the details, after all.

5. Display the Dishes

No, we don’t mean your dirty dishes! Displaying holiday dishes and platters in vignettes throughout the house can help fill empty spaces lacking decor. Dishes are meant to be enjoyed, so make sure those holiday dishes in storage get as much use as possible for the short holiday season.

By Nolan Miles | Design Manager, The Corner Studio by Barbara Stewart Interiors

Nolan has worn many hats since becoming a member of the Barbara Stewart Interiors team in 2011. From sales associate, to social media marketing and design manager, Nolan has been exposed to every part of the Barbara Stewart Interiors business. As the Corner Studio design manager, Nolan oversees orders on interior design items, including rugs, furniture, wallcoverings, draperies and bedding. He operates the company’s design resource center and aids clients in finding the perfect design elements for their residential or commercial spaces. Previously, Nolan served as a graphic designer for Harlaxton College in London, England and a staff strategist for a premiere communication’s firm in Louisville, KY. Email Nolan at [email protected]