Deck the Halls in the Dining Room 

The dining room is where memories are made during the holiday season. From the delicious food and beautiful place settings, to the cheerful conversations, there’s always something that brings family and friends to the dining table. Leave no page unturned when preparing your dining room for the holiday season, all with the help from the designers at Barbara Stewart Interiors.

Place settings, centerpieces and linens: The top three components to remember when creating a quintessential tablespace for the holidays. All three components, when executed completely, come together to make a dining room tabletop that will make Martha Stewart jealous.

Holiday Place Settings

Place settings are one of the most important parts of holiday tabletop for a number of reasons. For one, they’re investment pieces that homeowners won’t change out every year. So purchasing a new holiday place setting should be thought out. Secondly, they create the theme for the holiday dining room table décor. Elegant and traditional Christmas? Or fun and cheerful?


The center of attention during the holiday dinner is the centerpiece… Literally! Apart from making it a beautiful arrangement, it’s just as important to take the height of the centerpiece into consideration. If it’s too tall, guests can’t see over it, which makes conversation difficult. Don’t forget to always add holiday greenery to the centerpiece (either in a vase or as a garland running the length of the table). If you have a long table, consider a series of small, intimate centerpieces throughout instead of a single large one in the middle.


This is the part that people forget about most. While the placemats, napkins and table runners are hidden by everything else, they create the backdrop to the whole table. Depending on the theme chosen by the place settings, the linens can contrast to create a more visually appealing table. Considering cheerful red linens with elegant gold china, or buffalo check plaid linens with red pottery-style dinnerware.

By Nolan Miles | Design Manager, The Corner Studio by Barbara Stewart Interiors

Nolan has worn many hats since becoming a member of the Barbara Stewart Interiors team in 2011. From sales associate, to social media marketing and design manager, Nolan has been exposed to every part of the Barbara Stewart Interiors business. As the Corner Studio design manager, Nolan oversees orders on interior design items, including rugs, furniture, wallcoverings, draperies and bedding. He operates the company’s design resource center and aids clients in finding the perfect design elements for their residential or commercial spaces. Previously, Nolan served as a graphic designer for Harlaxton College in London, England and a staff strategist for a premiere communication’s firm in Louisville, KY. Email Nolan at [email protected]