2019 brings bold colors, statement pieces and mixed textures

Whew! What a busy season it has been for our Barbara Stewart Interiors team! We are so grateful for our customers who chose to “shop small” with us this holiday season. Now that the holiday rush is over we can all finally take a deep breath and look forward to the New Year! Check out the top 10 trends in interior design for 2019.

Warmer Neutrals


So long are the days of cool grays and dark hardwood floors. Welcome warmer neutrals in 2019 that create cozy, livable spaces. And don’t be fooled – Choosing whites and creams isn’t as easy as it sounds, which is why you need a color specialist to help you choose the perfect colors for your home.

Not Your Average Floral

Yes, florals are still in. A trend that’s being carried over from previous years, expect to see more florals in 2019. However, not your average, bold floral, but rather modern florals with sleek designs and contemporary flair, like this design from our collection of Thibaut wallpaper.

Black Kitchens with Gold Accents

Black kitchens are in, and gold hardware (including handles, knobs, hinges and light fixtures) make black cabinets pop. Barbara Stewart Interiors carries Visual Comfort lighting (pictured here), which stays ahead of the trends and produces stunning lighting elements that coordinate with black and white textures.

Ornate Walls – Large statement art

Large statement walls are becoming popular, and are sure to become more prevalent this year. From large statement wall art (like the one featured in our furnished Chestnut Home) to hand-painted murals, ornate walls create a focal point in rooms lacking other architectural elements.

Velvet Sofas


Yes. Washable velvet. And it’s stunning! Mid-century modern is now seamlessly being incorporated into suburban homes everywhere. Why? Because it creates a strong balance between practical living and high-end design. Incorporating velvets into your space can spice up what would typically be an average-looking room.

Pantone Color of the Year


The 2019 pantone of the year is bold. “Living Coral” has probably already made its way into your home, because it’s a fresh, light and airy color that brightens up dull spaces. Incorporate the color using decorative accessories, like art, pillows, throws, and even a Rifle Paper rug.


Mixing Metals


There’s no rule that says you can’t mix your metals. Bring in golds, copper, pewter’s and chrome to create depth to your space. Incorporate mirrors and lamps made of different metals, but with similar designs to create a flow throughout the room.

Playful Patterns


While using strong patterns seems to be a popular trend this year, you may want to tread with caution. Patterns are fun, and they work well together when they’re planned accordingly. Mixing large, statement patterns with subtle, small-scale patterns can create a nice balance that’s pleasing to the eye. But don’t get carried away!

Pops of Green


Green is a great contrasting color to the 2019 Pantone of the Year, and you’re going to see it a lot. Green will be making a comeback in the form of velvet sofas, florals, wallpapers and decorative accessories… All components of 2019 design trends.

Artisanal Pieces


Hand-crafted furniture and art are conversation pieces, and people who entertain guests will benefit from having artisanal pieces in their home like live-edge furniture. Not only does it look great, but it also looks very designer and high-end. Barbara Stewart Interiors carries lines with an array of live-edge furniture pieces.